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Monday, October 12, 2009


It’s a perfect day devoid of the usual smoldering sun, but unlike many of my working mates, I am fervently incapable of screaming “Thank God It’s Friday!” my usually copious weekend scheduled interviews are about to begin. With my rather unusual executive outfit not matching my persona I found myself in the multi purpose Alisa Hotel. Here I was, sitting in a vitally positioned couch just by the bar and next to the reception desk. The Southern Wing looked quite empty aside the uniformed staff and the handful of clients having their brunch. Seated opposite me was a young lady whose beauty had continually created a “buzz” in my mind as we steadily stared at each other.
Though meeting her several occasions during my uni, never had her looks enthralled me until that day. She looked rather simple in a white tang top over a brown high waist skirt, a ideal colours blend that perfectly matched her relatively lighter skin. Her adorable physique brought memories of a famous book by super model Tyra Banks. In “Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out”, the once $30,000 per fashion show model dished out beauty tips as well as ways of maintaining an adorable stature. Jennifer Victoria Koranteng is this splendor and a perfect replica of the ideal lady Tyra described in her book.
Jennifer. a 23 year old Theatre Arts and Psychology graduate of the nation’s premier University on June 28 this year battled her way to be crowned Miss Universe Ghana. Not even the taut completion from Daphne and Suzana was enough to sway Jennifer from the ultimate, unlike in the Miss Ghana competition where she placed first runner up seasons back. After the exciting four categories of grueling task performance on the night, she involuntarily became GHs rep to the world competition in the tranquil ex British colony of Bahamas, which was held some few weeks ago.
My most exciting moment being a Ghanaian was the mid of August when the Miss World 2009 season kick started. My media friends then stationed in the Caribbean Islands continually flooded my facebook page with pictures of GH’s pride and others closely followed me with minute updates on my twitter page. These notices wouldn’t grad my attention until August 20, when Hollie Clemence, a British journalist pasted “Ms Jennifer Victoria Koranteng, Ghana’s representative at this year’s Miss Universe competition emerges a front runner” on my wall. After hastily going through my inbox, I became aware of Jennifer’s exploit in the competition.
Though not in the top fifteen, Ms Koranteng make a good showing in the Miss River Race as well as hitting the competitions most cherished Leader Board virtue her exceptional presentational skills and her added physical fitness. This formed the subject of our discussion when we met that Friday. William Bedzrah, a member of her management team would occasionally interrupt unleashing his untamed sense of humour on us. Looking very invigorated and bubbly, Jennifer would follow up with a chic joke which made the conversation more fascinating.

“I loved the Miss Race completion and it was absolute fun. I was very much interested in it and that could have resulted in my good showing in that completion. It was not easy anyway, getting into a completion with over eighty ladies on that high level. But I was very happy about it and it did bring out a thing in me. How better can it be described than fun, excitement, entertainment, or a great sport, lets say”. These were the beauty queen’s words relating to her performance in the Miss River Race segment of the completion.

According to Jennifer, she was convinced of a good showing and didn’t see herself as an add-up to the numbers. “I had this in mind but knew it was not going to be very easy. I was prepared to bring a change and sell the nation to the world. I knew what I was about and had the confidence it could be achieved the very moment I entered the place. I was noticed by the other ladies who had arrived before me. This even preceded the major events where I caught the attention of designers from several parts of the world”.

Ghana couldn’t make it to the final round but was perfectly sold leaving no doubts on the minds of the competition connoisseurs, who rooted Jennifer for the Leader Board achievement. Jennifer has her reservations and disagrees with the notion that pageants are just about nudity and wrongful exposures. “I think showing flesh in pageants is a way of showing once fitness and telling others to stay healthy. It is not wrong like certain people make it look because they don’t like it. It’s just about healthy lifestyle”.

Jennifer is about to begin her project which will target children in deprive communities. Her Reading Program will inculcate into children the habit of persistent reading. Her campaign will also include book donation as well as classroom work which she is passionate about. Jennifer says she is looking forward to building a career and being an advocate for abused women and destitute children.

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